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Rerdenberger about 1 month ago


The burrito at Casa Mia is simply the best we have ever had! It is pricey so we do not get it often, but it makes a wonderful special treat. R&D

Garry 4 months ago


I've been on a world-wide search for the best tortellini for 35 years. I found it at Casa Mia. Love it whether we eat in or take out. Amazing!!!

Rp725 4 months ago

Fish of the Day

From the moment you are greeted with a smiling face at the the end of our fabulous dinner, we find CasaMia to be one of the best.

Danielle 5 months ago


This was so good. The homemade sausage was sweet but still had a kick to it. The broccoli was perfectly cooked and the pasta was like little pillows of deliciousness. The cream sauce caught me off guard but it tied everything together. Definitely worth going back for.

Njdevil82 6 months ago


Excellent creamy sauce with peas and ham

Joe 6 months ago


This is a perfect balance of each ingredient. Nothing overpowers the other, and the blend is something to be experienced. The homemade pasta is the best.

Jessica 6 months ago


My family and I go to Casa Mia very regularly. Everything we have tried on the menu is fantastic. The service is great, wonderful family business and the food is amazing!

Saburris 3 months ago


Casa Mia serves the very best Burrata in the valley. I crave their Burrata. The best Italian you will have in the Valley and an amazing family who owns Casa Mia

Rp725 4 months ago


From the moment you walk in to Hara's smiling face to a great meal, Momma Mia...Casa Mia is #1.

Pgreen2840 5 months ago


This is the best since I was in New York! Lovely,lovely dinner, atmosphere and serive

Chris 5 months ago

Penne 85259

Love, love, love! Soo fresh and the chicken and mushrooms make it a complete meal!

Joe 6 months ago


This is my "go to" Sunday pasta dish at Casa Mia. Some much like Sunday dinner growing up. Never dissappoints ... ever! Fresh pasta, meats and ingredients are just perfect.

Kyle 6 months ago


I have been coming to Casa Mia for the better part of a decade. I have tried many of their dishes but none is as favorite as the Risotto. Absolutely superb! Their wine selection is second to none! The staff is phenomenal, as you can expect prompt and friendly service!

Loriinaz 6 months ago

Mussels and Clams

It is so hard to pick just one thing. I love everything I've eaten here. The mussels and clams are my favorite appetizer. They are always sweet and so fresh. Love to dip the bread in the sauce. Really enjoyable. My favorite dinner is the lamb chops-cooked to perfection and always delicious. The tiramisu in the glass is a great end to my meal. I recommend Casa Mia to anyone who wants a great evening with amazing food, great wine and an always friendly staff.